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Welcome to our research area. There are a wide range of natural health products on the market, each laying claim to provide various health benefits. It can be difficult to know which are backed up by proper scientific research, and which are not. As part of our ethos at to provide you with accurate, truthful information, we have conducted our own review of the research done so far on the ingredients that go into Forever Living's products. The most important of these is aloe vera, as it is the main component of Forever Living's product range, and a highly extensive analysis of aloe vera is provided here. There are also a number of other natural ingredients, such as the bee hive substances and ingredients that go into the supplements, and the analysis done by on these can also be found here. The research for these other products is predominantly based on analysis from two leading institutions: Natural Standard and NHIondemand (Natural Health Information), where information is available, and supplemented with additions from our own review of research papers. These two institutions are known for their high quality information on natural health substances.  For information on general nutrition, such as vitamins and minerals, please visit our nutrition section. You will also find links to the relevant research and articles for each product on the product pages themselves. Each research area comes with a summary for a quick overview, along with an extensive, fully referenced analysis of up to date research on that natural substance and its benefits.

Note: Information provided is for informative purposes only, and is not intended for diagnosis purposes. It is also important to remember that individuals can react differently to the same substance, and benefits found by one person may not be found by another and visa versa, while unknown effects may occur in an individual. It is recomended to seek advice from your healthcare professional if you are unsure whether you should use any of the natural substances described here.

We recommend that you read our research article on 'Synergism', as this is an important concept to consider with any natural substance when assessing its potential health benefits.

Please feel free to read through our research by clicking on the links below.


                                 Synergism                                  Aloe Vera

        Bee Pollen                                                   Bee Propolis                                              Royal Jelly

      Bee Pollen                                  Bee Propolis                              Royal Jelly

           Ginkgo               Reishi             Fo-ti             Schisandra           Hyaluronic Acid    

             Ginkgo               Reishi                Fo-ti            Schisandra   Hyaluronic Acid

       Ginger       Turmeric      Lycium (Goji Berry)    Liquorice         Echinacea

          Ginger             Turmeric                 Lycium                Liquorice            Echinacea