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Sports Specials

Special Offers For New Year 2012!


8 Week New Year Fitness Special

  • Personalised 8 week 3 -Step-Plan Fitness Schedule
  • Coordinated Nutrition
  • Free Consultation
  • 8 1-1 Personal Sessions

Cost: £225 Now £160

Whether you want to lose weight, be healthier or improve your fitness, this is a tailored package at great value, giving you everything that you need!.

You will have your own, customised training schedule setting out your progression over the 8 weeks. You will also have nutritional coaching and tips on how to eat healthier and the right foods you need to reach your goals.

To make sure your program is successful, 8 1-1 training sessions are included, one for each week, to make sure that you are performing the exercises correctly, check your diet to keep you on track and answer any questions you may have.

This package provides you with a great value option of £75 off the individual cost. 

Partner Special

Cost: £450 Now £220 - £110/person

If you would like to train with a friend or relative, our Partner Special offers even better value, as well as a great additional motivation.

You will each get personalised training and nutrition programs to go with your 8 weekly 1-2 training sessions. 

If you would like to train in larger groups, please contact us so we can best adapt our packages to suite your needs. 

Block Sessions

Buy 5 1-1 sessions, get one FREE!

Buy 10 1-1 sessions, get Three FREE!

You can book any number of 1-1 sessions you like, from 1 up, but for each block of 5 1-1 sessions you buy, you will get an extra one free. If you book 10 sessions, we'll throw in another one free, giving you 3 free sessions!

Group 1-1 Sessions

Two People: £30,  £15 each - Save £10

Block of 5 sessions + 1 Free: £150, £75 each - Save £80

Block of 10 Sessions + 3 Free: £300, £150 each - Save £160

Three People: £36 - £12 Each

Block of 5 sessions + 1 Free: £180, £60 each - Save £140

Block of 10 Sessions + 3 Free: £360, £130 each - Save £300

Four People: £40 - £10 each

Block of 5 sessions + 1 Free: £200, £50 each - Save £220

Block of 10 Sessions + 3 Free: £400, £100 each - Save £460


Working with a partner or in small groups can be a great way to train and reach your goal, providing additional motivation, encouragement and support. It also helps to split the cost! If you have someone in mind, we offer a range of options this summer that provide even better value for our 1-1 training sessions when you book in blocks. 

If you have more than four people in your group, please contact us to see how we can tailor our packages to suit you.