jumping on beachThe 3-step-plan was developed to allow you to see your progress ahead of you, as well as what has gone before. It is important to keep track of what you have been doing and what progress you have made, but also to have goals set out in front of you so you know that what you are doing is working towards where you want to be.

This is particularly important when you first start out. When you start out on anything long term, initial progress can be slow. Exercise and nutrition are the same. There are diets out there that will help you lose weight fast, but they are not looking at long term, sustained good health and stable weight. This requires adjustments to your life that will become permanent and these take time to get used to.

This is where the 3-step-plan comes in

Step 1 - Adjustment  Step 2 - Sustainment Step 3- Improvement


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