What is best for me?

Everyone starts from a different place, is aiming for a different finish, and has a different lifestyle to fit it into. It is important you take a good, objective look at what you are doing at the moment and see what changes you can make, and that you want to make. We are looking at long term sustainable changes, so it is important that you can keep it up long term.

It is important that you are sure which package best suits you before starting out on a new programme. We have kept the options nice and simple to make the choice easier, and as part of your initial consultation we will discuss further what choice is best for you. Beforehand, please read the following on each package to get a clearer idea of which one might be right for you.

Fitness Package: - This package is designed for people who need help with their fitness and training, but feel they are happy with what they eat and their diet. It is most suitable for people who are not really looking to lose or their weight, but want to either start out on a fitness programme for the first time, or want help training for a specific goal, such as training for competition.

Nutrition Package:- This package is for people who want the opposite. If you are happy with the exercise you are doing and do not feel you need any radical changes, but would like to eat healthier or to control your weight better, then this package is more suited to you. This may be well suited to athletes, professional or armature, who have a coach or trainer, but want to look at consuming a more suitable diet to give them that extra edge.

Fitness and Nutrition Package: - This package is recommended for most people, especially those starting out. A good, healthy diet and effective training can only be achieved together. Trying to achieve one without the other is like trying to run with one leg, a lot more difficult! If you are sure your training or diet is suitable already and only want help with one of them, then we will recommend one of the others. For everyone else, we will advise this package, so you can get the best out of us, and for the best value!

Website Subscription: - If you do not want to embark on a new fitness or nutrition schedule, but would like to have access to reliable information, then a simple website subscription might be for you. This is most likely to be suited to people who are not in a position to restructure what they are doing and start on a new programme, but want to know more information about what they can do to be healthier and fitter. Also, if you feel you know enough about what you are doing and are pretty well self driven, but would like to have access to information and exercises you can use and incorporate into what you are already doing, then this would be suited to you.

Nutrition Guide: - If you feel that, having looked at the site and your own situation, you only really want to know more about how to eat more healthily, and do not want any other services from us, then you can purchase our nutrition guide. This does not contain all the information on nutrition within the site, but does give a comprehensive and easy to understand breakdown of all the important areas of the diet, including all vitamins and minerals.

1-1 Personal session: - Sometimes we really need someone to take us through what we need to do. strives to offer as much support as we can online, but if you find at any stage that you would like to have someone show you in person, then you can contact us and we will find the most suitable personal trainer for you. Obviously,  we cannot be available for everyone, so if you are not within reach of one of our trainers, then we will search for one in your area that would be most suited to your needs. Beforehand, you need to have a good idea of what you want to get out of the session, and be sure you want to spend the money on it. Again, are here to go through this with you to help you make the right choice.