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Running on beachTo sign up for one of our programs or 1-1 sessions, please contact us via email or by phone to speak to a trainer to arrange your free consultation, or to discuss the packages in more detail.

 Get a friend to sign up, and get two 1-1 sessions for FREE!

Fitness Package


What you get:   

  • FREE consultation
  • 8 week 3 Step Plan, including
  • 8 week over view
  • 3 x weekly plan, 1 for each phase of 3 Step Plan
  • Cardiovascular Schedule
  • Strength schedule, including upper and lower body and core
  • FREE follow up consultation after weeks 2 and 4

Nutrition Package


What you get:   

  • FREE dietary analysis
  • Weekly Diet plan
  • FREE Nutrition guide, worth £35!
  • Daily Dietary Diary (DDD)
  • Follow up consultation after weeks 2 and 4

Training and Nutrition Package

£65  That's a £15 saving when you buy together!

What you get:    All of the above!

  • FREE Consultation
  • 8 3 Step Plan
  • A coordinated fitness and diet plan
  • All 6 training schedules!
  • Daily Diet Diary
  • FREE Nutrition Guide, worth £35!
  • Follow up consultation after 2 and 4 weeks
  • FREE access to all areas of for 2 months.

1-1 Personal Session


Cost variable depending on area and travel time. Please contact via e-mail to arrange a booking

What you get:

  • 1-1 training session, catered to your specific needs, in accordance with your training plan  Details of each training session to be determined in consultation with each client. 
  • No minimum number of sessions. Can order any number of session from 1 upwards.
    Special rates for bookings of 5+ sessions available. Determined at initial consultation in accordance with each clients needs.