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Forever PRO X²™ - Cinnamon

Forever PRO X²™ provides the PRO X²™ Proprietary Blend of Soy protein isolate and Whey protein isolate and concentrate, along with 2 grams of dietary fiber, in each delicious bar.

This makes Forever PRO X²™ a great option for two situation:

 Firstly, as a pre or post-exercise protein supplement. Getting readily available Protein and Amino Acids into the blood quickly from the diet can help improve muscle adaptations from strength workouts and reduce muscle degredation after long, hard aerobic training. Forever PRO X²™ is a high quality protien option providing 15g of protein that can help you get portein into the body quickly.

Secondly, Forever PRO X²™ can be a great snack option to take during the day. With its high protein and fibre content, it takes longer to digest then high sugar and fat snack options, keeping you fuller for longer and preventing hunger pangs. It is also relatively low in calories, at only 170cal/bar. 

Forever PRO X²™ bars come in two delicious, gluten-free flavors, Cinnamon and Chocolate - each a great way to help you increase your protein intake every day!  

*The Above information is provided by TFB.

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Forever Forever PRO X²™ Cinnamon


Item #466

Price per unit - 1 Bar

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