Welcome to the Conditioning Section for Newport players.

Each of the sessions in the conditioning sections have been carefully selected to optimise fitness improvements from each session. They have been planned out so players can select a session to do to improve an area of fitness that has been shown to require some work from the fitness testing. There is also some information in each section on how to get the most out of each session and some tips for effective training for position and desired outcomes.

However, I recommend that you send through your timetables so I can plan a structured, progressive schedule to get the most out of your training over this crucial pre and early season period.

Speed and agility training sessions will also be posted shortly that players can chose a combination of in their spare time. However, if enough players want to do extra speed and agility sessions over the coming weeks I am happy to arrange them and take them to increase development in this area.

Nutritional analysis will also be highly beneficial to all players. Information will be posted shortly on pre training preparation and post training recovery that will include some nutritional advice for that specific purpose, but whole dietary coordination will be most effective and analysis will be required for this. It does not have to be too drastic. Simple changes can go a long way. If you fill out your dietary diaries I shall analyse them and suggest areas that can enhance sporting performance in both training and matches and recovery. There is also the nutrition section on the site for reference and information. The page formatting is currently being redeveloped but all the information is up to date and sourced from leading nutrition institutions around the world from Harvard University, the Linus Pauling Institue, the Glycemic Index council and others.

If anyone has any questions or wants more info then send me an email, and keep checking on here as more info will be going up.

Thanks guys.