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This is the place to find all the nutrition information on the food you need to eat a healthy diet each day and meet the body's nutritional needs. The diet information in this section provides you with a summarised and detailed explanation of each of the nutrients, their role in the body and which foods you need for optimal health. This food information includes the Macro Nutrients; carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol, proteins  and fibre, as well as the Micro Nutrients; the vitamins and minerals. It also gives nutritional information on water and alcohol, two key areas as part of a healthy diet. As well as these main nutrition areas of the diet, this section also provides dietary information on other topics, such as popular supplements, herbal remedies and the latest 'fad diets'.

Please read our introduction section, and then our food and nutrition summary section. Once you are familiar with this, please feel free to read each of the other sections in more detail. Each one contains a useful summary, followed by more detailed information for those who wish to know more!


Index  1. Food List Table of Nutrients                     

2. Glycemic Index                                           

3. Vitamin and Mineral RDA Table