Site Summary is a website designed to help you achieve your health, fitness and nutrition goals. We aim to bring truly personal training and health enhancement via the web to everyone. Whether you are just looking to live a healthier life, gain control of your weight or wanting to increase your fitness levels, we provide the truthful information and support you need to achieve your goals. Our philosophy is based on life long good health advice, supported with the truth to provide you with a reliable source of information that you can trust to tell you what is right, and what is not, as well as the support to help you achieve you aims and ambitions

To do this the site is split into 6 main areas. Health, fitness and nutrition is a very large area, and with a huge range of information available out there that can all get very confusing. To help you untangle it all so you can make the right choices, we aim to provide you with a simplified structure, so you can easily find what you are looking for. Then you will find find a useful summary, tips and information that is clear to follow, as well as the in-depth scientific knowledge and research to back it up should you wish to know more.

The six main areas are:

1)      Your Personal Area

2)      Training and Exercise

3)      Nutrition

4)      Science

5)      The Blog

6)      Forever Living Products

1) Your Personal Area

This is your own personal section of the site, where you can find your training programmes, diet diary and much much more! aims to bring personal training to everyone. We believe that a lot of what you may pay a personal trainer to sit and tell you one-to-one you can find out and do yourself. Particularly people who are just starting out, what they need to know and the changes they need to make are relatively simple, and the right information can go a long way. This need not cost you a fortune.

However, we understand that one of the attractions of a personal trainer is the ‘personal touch’. Not only having a programme that is specifically tailored to your needs, but also having someone there to support you along the way.

That is why as develops, you will not only be able to call upon the advice of our trainers, but also be able to construct your own work outs and routines.  If you sign up with a trainer, you will get an exercise plan that is fully fitted to your needs and situation, as well as an integrated nutrition guide and outline to compliment your unique situation. These plans and guides you will be able to find here in your personal area, where you will be able to keep track of your progress, update what you have done, and work with your trainer on meeting your goals. Once the site is fully developed you will also be able to download your workouts as text, audio or video to take with you to wherever you wish to do your training. You can load it up on the big screen at home, put it on your iphone and take it to the gym, whatever you like! Not only will you be able to download the workout you have designed with your trainer, but you will also be able to put together your own training programmes and routines, and download them in any format that you want!

With all this and more, we believe that we will have bought truly personal training to everyone via the web!

2) Training and Exercise

This is our exercise library. Here you will find a large range of exercises, with text, audio and video explanations on how to do them, what they do, which areas of the body they work on and who should be doing them. Each exercise also comes with a relative difficulty rating to help you choose which exercises are suitable to you. Each of these exercises you will be able to download in whatever format you prefer and take with you wherever you do your exercises, so it will be like having your own personal trainer with you at the gym!

You will also find here training and exercise routines already set out for a wide range of fitness areas, from strength training to weight loss and aerobic training. Each one will have a guide on how to get the most out of the training session, what it is designed to work on and who it is suitable for.

This section will also contain a wide range of general training and exercise information that is important to everyone. This includes things like posture, flexibility and stretching, recovery, when to exercise, how to choose your workouts, how to structure a training routine, and much more!

Everything you will need to get the most out of your exercise sessions to achieve your goals you will find in this section!

3) Nutrition

We believe that the most important part of living a healthy life and achieving your fitness needs and goals is eating a healthy, nutritious diet that is suited to you. So many people pay a lot of money to ‘personal trainers’ who are actually only fitness instructors who do not offer any advice on nutrition at all. Anyone who says they can help you loose weight and starts you on a series of exercises without looking at your diet as well is leading you on.

In our nutrition section you will find helpful information on every area of the diet, dispelling many of the myths out there that have been hyped up to sell products. Our information comes from the most reputable institutions and sources out there, giving you the peace of mind to know that what you read is the truth, and that if you follow the guides and steps outlined in hour nutrition section you will be leading a healthier, happier life.

In this section you will find all the information you need on the main areas of the diet: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals, water and alcohol, as well as many other areas. You will not only find information on what each of these area do, why the body needs them, which ones you should eat and which ones you should stay away from, but also tips on how to put it all into practice. We help you make the right food choices to make sure your body gets all the nutrients that it needs, help you take control of your weight and provide the energy to fuel your exercise requirements.

4) Science

Our information is based on science. Both the nutrition and training and exercise sections contain a large amount of scientific information to support what we set out in each one. Much of this of you can also find in our science section, but you will also be able to find much more on wider areas to further your knowledge about how the body works, and how it relates to fitness and health. Things like the muscles of the body, the bones, how the heart works, what the blood is used for, and much more can all be found in this section. We believe that the more knowledge you have, the more effective your training, exercise and nutrition will be, and we therefore aim to provide you with as much information that is relevant as we can in an easy to understand format.

All this you can find in our Science section!

5) The Blog

This is where you can find articles that have been written by that we believe you will find both interesting and useful. These articles can be anything from summaries of a section you can find on the site, information or  reviews  of topics that are current in the media, dispelling a myth or false truth that we have come across, warding you off a latest ‘fad’ or information on a topic that has been suggested to us by a user.

We feel that this section compliments nicely the rest of the site, and will prove to be a useful place where you can go to pick up useful and interesting tips and information on a wide range of topics. You will also be able to suggest a topic here, if you have come across something you wish to know more about.

6) Forever Living Products is designed to provide you with the truth, and not structured in order to persuade you to buy a certain product. However, there are cases where people will want or will need to buy certain products, such as a nutritional supplement. However, it can be very difficult to know what products are best, which ones you should buy and whether they do what they say they will. In order to provide you with a complete service, offers you a wide range of nutritional products that we feel will cover most peoples nutritional supplement needs.

As part of a healthy diet, recommends taking a nutrition supplement each day that contains half of the vitamins and minerals that you need. In addition to this, many people, such as the elderly, pregnant woman and children, require additional nutritional supplement needs. Forever Living Products is a world leading company in this area that we have used for a number of years ourselves, and we know their products to be of the highest quality and very good value.

In this section you will find the full range of products provided by Forever Living Products, as well as extensive information on each one and their main ingredients. You will also find guides and recommendations on which products you might need and which ones are best suited to you. Further information can be found on the company itself, how to order, and our extensive research section, where you will find in-depth research done by on the key ingredients that go into the products, to help you know what each one does for the body. We are confident that you will not come close to the amount of information we have provided for you about Forever Living and their products anywhere else on the web! We have gone to great length to provide you the truth about the ingredients that go into each product, helping you choose the right products for you!