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8 Week Sports Conditioning


With pre-season starting for many sports, it is the best opportunity to get in the best condition and have your best season ever. For optimal performance, you need to do the right types of training for the unique physical demands of your sport. 

Included in this package are tailored sessions to specifically condition you for your sport, whether it is strength, speed, power, aerobic/aerobic capacity, flexibility or a combination of each. 

Nutrition is a vital part of any athletes training, and which is why all the correct nutritional guidance for your training is included, along with appropriate recovery strategies to maximise the results of your training.

To make sure we best meet your required needs, we offer 3 different levels:

Basic Training

Cost: £225 Now £160

Our basic Sports Training Package offers the same benefits as our standard summer fitness special package, but structured for sport specific training. This gives you a coordinated fitness and nutrition program set out over 8 weeks, along with 8 weekly 1-1 sessions with your trainer to go through your workouts, monitor your progress and provide additional coaching and support.

Intermediate Training

Cost: £385 Now £250

For those looking to step things up this year, our intermediate Sports Training Package provides you with more complex and demanding routines over the 8 weeks. You will also have two 1-1 sessions with your trainer each week, totalling 16 over your training program, so that you filly understand your training plan, execute the exercises correctly and closely monitor your progress.

Advanced Training

Cost: £545 Now £340

Our advanced level training programs are aimed at people who are looking compete to a high level in their chosen sport. Including specific training sessions three times a week with your trainer to work on the unique physical requirements of your sport, you will receive not only the full training needed to be the best but also the coaching to understand more intimately the requirements of your sport and how to condition your body to meet them.

You will have daily communication with your trainer  throughout the program to discuss your training, nutrition, recovery and any other aspects, as well is initial and continual assessment throughout the period so your progress is closely monitored and your program continually customised. 

Group Sports Training 

If you would like to train in groups of 2-4 people, then please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements in more detail so we can best tailor a training program for you and a suitable cost.