What We Offer

There are two main packages that we offer, a training plan and a nutrition plan, each personalised to help you achieve your goals, either in your training and exercise, or nutrition and diet.

If you require both, then you can choose the combine training and fitness plan that structure both together, giving you the best results to achieve your goals.

If you would prefer just to access the information on TFB, then you can go for our monthly subscription. Full access to the website is included in any training or nutrition plan.*

You can also purchase our nutrition guide for a one off fee. This is included as part of the website but is offered to anyone who would just like information on how to eat healthily. 

We also offer 1-1 personal training sessions if you feel you need that extra bit of instruction or motivation to get the most out of your training plan.

Please click the links below to see in more detail what is included in each package.

To sign up for one of our programs or 1-1 sessions, please contact us via email or by phone to speak to a trainer to arrange your free consultation, or to discuss the packages in more detail. 

*access to the restricted areas of the website is for the duration of the plan and one month following only, totalling 3 months